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. >> i'll fight raj for it. thank you, jim. okay, there's a new super bowl bet that ensures someone is going to be crabby after the game. dianne feinstein and boxer have waged a -- senators will send along crab, napa wine and northern california cheeses if the niners lose. maryland senators would be on the hook for crab cakes, cookies and beer if the niners win. >> okay. this is from the we're not surprised department, apparently the number 7 jersey isn't just lucky for the 49ers, it's creating some big wins. a fanatics.com website reports colin kaepernick's jersey has been the best-selling thankful envelope jersey nationwide, not just here in northern california but nationwide in the past two weeks. those super bowl ads already appearing on your computer, or anything else you're on. why companies aren't waiting until sunday to show their high-priced commercials n. about ten minutes our business and tech reporter scott budman breaks down the logic behind revealing those ads early online. we are your best source for 49ers coverage. we have more journalists on the ground in new orlean
the best bet of rain in the forecast. meantime tomorrow morning, sunglasses for your morning commute. during the afternoon, the future cast is showing you hour by hour really no clouds. very unusual to see that this time in january. for the morning, you'll see low 30s, maybe patches of frost toward contra costa county in toward the delta fairfield. mild for san francisco, in the low 40s. 37 tomorrow morning in oakland. the afternoon looking nice. low 70s for another day. we think around santa cruz, 66. mid to upper 60s possible for another day around morgan hill, and areas south of san jose. 65 in pleasanton. about 63 in san francisco. 64 in santa rosa. the first two days of the week will be the warmest days. then come wednesday, a few extra clouds. at least the mornings not quite as cold. we could see a few showers, especially for the north bay. thursday and friday look dry. unfortunately for your weekend plans, looks like next weekend will be the best bet of seeing rain and some fresh snow. it has been a little while. we've been in the mid-winter dry spells. >> time for some rain.
forget. >> maria, i know you made good on your super bowl bet. you ready to go round 2 this on your super bowl bet. you ready to go round 2 this year?
sunny and hazy the next couple days. air quality probably not bet they are weekend. to be a good next couple days.ng you may feel like you're sick but it could be that air quality. i'm no doctor but that's what some of the signs point to. monday, tuesday and wednesday, a little bit of cloud cover. no rain drops in the seven-day forecast. we're pushing that back till maybe next weekend. we'll have to see about this one. maybe we'll get a picture from jess at the concert. you never know. >> having a great time. >> she'll be dancing away. >> thanks, jeff. >> let's get to sports jim kozimor is here. look who i'm sitting next to, the expert of the 49ers. >> yeah, i'm so embarrassed by our picks last week, that i'm starting with baseball tonight. that's how embarrassed i am. all right, guys, let's get things going in sports. giants will partake in the upcoming world baseball classic with pagano and lopez suit up for puerto rico. romo will be playing for mexico. the venezuelan team will include marco security row along with pablo sandoval who apparently hasn't been feeling well. he is hospit
say they're not so sure. >> well, i'm a betting man. it will work two or three hours and go out again. >> reporter: residents expect another update from the management company tomorrow aft afternoon at 1:00. the city code enforcement department is expecting the same thing. by the way, we did check with the city code enforcement department. the management company here was cited in 2007 when they installed the boiler are for not having the proper paperwork. that has now been resolved but they have been crated for other code violations since then not related to the boil er. >> thank you, kris. >>> new details on the big tree that came crashing down onto a home in the north bay and also knocked down a power pole. pg&e restored power to some people but still about 30 customers are in the dark right now. the saturated ground from our recent storms being blamed for this. the tree took out the entire second floor of the house. a neighbor heard and felt all the commotion. >> you feel the ground. quite literally, yeah. i didn't know what it was. >> pretty alarming just to look at the video. tha
over the holidays. officials believe california is next. officials say the best defense against betting the flu is the flu shot and it is not too late to get it. the peak time is february. >>> san francisco hits the top of the market when it comes to the hethiest cities. -- healthiest cities. san francisco is in the number one spot. they used 33 factors to measure the health of 100 cities. salt lake city is number two. followed by san jose, boise, and burglingten, vermont. >>> a bill of rights for homeless people. the bill calls for the right to move freely and rest in public spaces, use public bath rooms and it would require cities to provide legal representation for people sited for panhandling. >> helps get people out of the situation and helps people be able to maintain and survive. >> few groups come out against the bill but it will get more attention when it is heard in the assembly. >>> average u.s. rates on fixed mortgages moved closer to record lows. the average rate on a 30 year loan slide 3.334%. 15 year ticked down to 2.64%. lower mortgage rates made home buying more afforda
on $5 million bet. lance armstrong sitting down with oprah to admit he cheated? with oprah to admit he cheated? we have dr. sanjay gupta.
. >> oh, my. >> raj is going to talk to you after the show. he and i want to place a bet with that. >> we need to discuss that. >> over or under? >> for a full half hour of local -- >> it's over. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage if we can get through this, watch comcast "sportsnet central" tonight at 10:30. >> back in a moment. >>> a president and a ship wreck were the big winners at the academy award nominations today. >> actor seth mcfarlane and emma stone announced the nom he's. "lincoln" was the clear winner with 12 nominations while life ofpy" came away with 11. rounding out the list for best picture, "beasts of the southern wild," "zero dark thirty," "amour," "lincoln," "life of pi." the zpler lining playbook, jiang go unchained and ar goh go". >> for the complete list of nominees go to nbcbayarea.com and search the key word oskar. before the cos cars, if you're in the movies and showbiz you know all about this, golden globes right here on nbc bay area sunday night. you can experience the show in a whole new way. download the ap called zbox and use it to interact wit
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8